A beautiful Life

Building Mode Picking the Kind of Structure

This photo was taken after the realization dawned that I do get to build a beautiful life with someone and have our creative dreams and love aspirations be the same. It swelled up inside of me, crashing like a tidal wave of generosity, joy, disappointment and latent fears. I giggled, I danced, I made love all night and all while my romantic fantasies and notions of how the world worked were unraveling all around me. 

Fast Forward through the next four months I realize that same, is a stupid word. Nothing in life builds in sameness.. it is all about the tension baby... Celebrating tension is my new found love. It is the kinda love grounded in the truth of how shit really is. How life really works and how if we want to live a beautiful life, its about full engagement with the push and pull of existing. 

I love words, they are potent, palpable and even in them you can find the hidden tension, tension between people, tension of the word keeping itself together and then it unfolds for you.  

My newest favorite word is "Tensegrity". Integrity in tension, how good does that feel? We are taught so much about compromise that the idea of integrity in the tension just relaxes me, like life is really going to be okay. 

The second this understanding dawned in my being, the how to build a beautiful world, a beautiful life really opened up for me. 

 Tensegrity is what makes our spine work, palm trees, a geodesic dome, good ole dirty dancing, a laugh out loud comedy performance, and the potent power of orgasm and your dna structure. I mean this "is" everywhere on every level of existence. Buckminster Fuller, created this word to describe how reality was kept together, how the most powerful structures that can endure are built and a whole lot more. I highly suggest checking out some of his work if you like geeking out and going deep. https://www.bfi.org/ 

Why this is so important for building a beautiful life because building is about structure and structure is all about tension. I have have seen in life a lot of models based only compression tension, like our modern homes where beams are laid on top of each other and compressed through nails and overtime this compression breaks under the pressure. It is obvious that this has its limitations and do not honestly model life's ever changing quality. 

A beautiful life to me is an alive life, that is dancing with existence not fighting it

That shifts for me what models to look to and the one that fits my needs the best is to build the kind of beautiful life I want to live is tensegrity. 

Tensegrity Is about isolated parts being compressed through tensions of pulling of strings or other energies. Here is one of your spine so you can look at a physical model. 

The difference when you do this kind of compression made through pulling is their is room for movement and the parts don't break over time because they are not actually touching and instead they can ongilate with the environment. I was thinking about this when we are romance, we compress our dreams into one versus allowing them to be jointly connected like this spine. Which tends to lead to breakage of someones core desires. 

Here is tensegrity as a concept in Art. 

The woman is both pulling life into herself and pushing the dream outside of herself. Birth essentially, this piece is called manifestation.  I like looking at this model of tensegrity of energetic process because we start to recognize the ever movement in nature. So instead of a dream being a solid fixed idea, I start to think in a blooming construct, or unfolding. How do we continue to unfold more in the integrity of the tension. 

Here you see it in this dance, where he is pushing and she is pulling to create that beautiful pose. And soon they will float back down to the ground. Its stunning when you start looking at space this way and all the physical parts in movement that are either very slow movements or very fast. Its like the whole world becomes an opera, ballet, movie play book of living essence. 

Here is my will and intention for us, me, you and the world. 

I am willing into existence joint connection and aspiration in love that is building a more and more beautiful world.  This world is alive inside of me and outside with us. That we live a life of wonder and adventure as we see the unfolding of this intention and add our creativity into it every step of the way. 

I love you, I love me, we love we. 

~Morgan Carson