What Do You Feel?

Desire is a powerful thing, and there I was hungry for my whole being to come in. To feel my edges and I was willing to do anything. Anything to touch the beautiful parts of my soul that felt just out of reach.
My thoughts, my strokes, my songs and every cell of my being was seeking myself, seeking to understand, seeking to fulfill. It had created a magnet so strong, nothing and no one would keep us separate ever again. 
I never truly knew how powerful imagination was until I danced with my own, unleashed and hungry. She, me, it, was a wild force that I was learning to move with. 
As each piece of artwork poured out of me like blood from my veins, my physical being and mind began to change. To embody my imagination, to embody my dream. I was a walking orgasm living in the paradise of my mind. Living inside of my beautiful fantasy I started to taste what being alive felt like. 
Sacred sex was born inside of me, the kind you get when you want to co-create with the universe, with yourself, with your beloved. It was born in me, and I am hungry for more. 
With Love,