A Beautiful World Foundation

We are really just a bunch of rascals who are loving building, tinkering and creating beauty in the world, both inside and out. So there is so much cool projects to share from the art, to the spaces, to the new technologies. Our mission is to create a beautiful world one Node at a time, that acts as a community hub for abundant living. 

Our first project is get Node #1 up and running to share with the community!

It will have off grid power, solar, water and organic indoor food forest along with super optimized travel to make sure we can share what we create with very little cost. Our goal is to reduce the cost across the board to live a beautiful life and share the resources, the bounty, the technologies and the art with the world who is inspired to do the same! 


I am the resident artist for A Beautiful World Foundation, and am inspired to share the art both for purchase and free to love downloads so that the joy can proliferate itself and our nodes our funded fully on good feelings, good will and connection. You are also invited to simply donate to A Beautiful World to continue to the generosity snowball we have started. All of us together working, sharing and contributing to a beautiful world for ourselves is the is of what makes this all possible.