Pay what you Want, Print of Bliss Acrylic on Canvas

Pay what you Want, Print of Bliss Acrylic on Canvas

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Meet Bliss, she is the painting that brought joy back to my life as I learned to love and dance in the world again. I hope she brings you as much joy as she has brought to me ~Morgan Carson

I am passionate about making art available to everyone who wants it. So pay what you want or simply download it. All proceeds go to the A Beautiful World Foundation to build community spaces. We love we! 

Here is the intention: love it up, cherish it and share forward the joy you get. We truly live in a abundant world and helping us remember is a gift! 

About the Art Excerpt

"I sang, like really sang, sang for all the joy exploding out of my cells, onto my canvas from my whole body. The dimension of love was intoxicating, like fire burning away all the fear I had swallowed during birth. Now, I could breathe the fresh air, feel my toes and the softness of the atmosphere. I was reborn in bliss again and again and till all I could do was sleep"~Morgan Carson

Acrylic and Gold on Canvas, Triptych Painting (3)