Party Pack (5)

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This five pack ensures that all the women you love in your life get a copy of this beautiful book and get to start coloring with you and connecting in a deeper way. We are giving you 40% off the book when you choose to host a coloring party, because we know that women communing around creativity and play leads to deep emotional connection. A self expressed women supported by a community of women is truly unstoppable.

A simple practice can change your life.

About Her Coloring Book

Her Coloring book is meant to used alone and in a group. Allowing us to have a practice of honoring our self, and being supported by the women in our life She is a beautiful oversized 11x17 inch wiro bound coloring book is filled with 23 pages of hand drawn flowing imagery paired with affirmations to reclaim your vitality and self expression. She was designed to lay completely flat making it easy to color and remove the pages when your done so you can display them on your walls at home. We also use single sided printing so there is no bleed through on the images. The paper takes everything from crayons, markers and colored pencils so that your heart can sing in whatever way it desires.