Fund Entire Node, Choice Acrylic on Canvas

Fund Entire Node, Choice Acrylic on Canvas

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The collection of large original works is for sale, this painting will fund an entire node space. This includes, power, water, food and housing. Each node is roughly 5 acres and can nourish 20 people for the year and regenerate with ease! Support A Beautiful World inside your home and ours. With immense gratitude~

Story about the Art


“I sang for hours, about my flesh, bone and blood. Emotions cascaded down my back like a baptism, I had become solid in my resistance to being vulnerable. I could feel my chest constrict as my paintbrush globbed on texture to the canvas. I continued to rhythmically chant and paint the sounds of crashing waves against the rocks of my belief systems. I let her hair wash away the harshness and loosen the untruths I had told myself. As the paint dried, I cooed, I let myself be soft. I didn’t need to be strong, I needed to be weak like water and let life flow into me... through me and from me. I needed to be fully human.” ~Morgan Carson

4ft by 6ft Acrylic and Gold on Canvas

Includes shipping, certificate of authentication, and personal story telling time of the making of this collection!